Ontheborderline is 80s digital delay guitar that is reminiscent of the Edge from U2, with ambient highlights and details in the shadows. The best music creates landscapes and captures elusive moments. These songs are anthems, they echo, they connect…in short, we Love music and paint soundscapes it. Hopeful, positive Music can be the magical soundtrack that is timeless in our lives ….and that’s what we do. – We make music that you want to turn up loudly on the stereo as your driving on open roads. Hopefully, music that will be a part of the change as music has changed our worlds.

We are management free, independently doing everything from dot until the final product. We make music for ourselves but if one person connects to any of our songs then that would rock our worlds… Having someone play our songs loudly on their iPods and singing along is an amazing feeling and if someone, anyone else in the world has that, then in our minds we’ve made it.


Anyway, it’s not about us; it’s about the Music…and Music lives in everything…