Death Valley Nevada – the Mojave Desert video

It was the last year that the Ford Crown Victoria¬† (the same car the Police and Taxi drivers use) was in production. Like an all American dream, we hit the road, stocked up on water and ventured out into the desert… The larger than life sky, cracked floor and open roads were breathtaking and silence blanketed the barren wasteland.

They don’t call it ‘Death Valley’ for nothing. You have to prepare when going out. ‘Where’s that emergency water’ I asked my brother. ‘oh that water? I drank was good :)’. I face palmed myself at the side of the road as we stopped after the car started to steam and make some growling sounds… With our vintage radio 1950’s Sinatra microphone we shot very much unplanned and unprepared so it should be an interesting outcome for an on the fly video.

I sprained my knee being a superhero in the Grand Canyon climbing over some railing to get closer to the edge so filming was impaired slightly…it might explain some moody shots as well as the wind blowing sand into your eyes, but overall it was an inspiring experience. The nothingness is unreal and a great place for your mind to unfold and the desert is a perfect representation for the new relaunch of things here being born out of nothing.

I can’t wait for the video to be wrapped up …