Turn me up; Audio fidelity

We live in an MP3 generation of people listening to Music that is crafted with countless hours and sometimes years of mixing for good translation over a full frequency spectrum. If you want to hear what the artist intended and you really love Music, invest in a really good hi-fi system which you will enjoy indefinitely. There is nothing like music hitting the airways and having the room connect with these vibrations refracting across a room like light bouncing into you. Earbuds are such small speakers compared to the full spectrum you could hear..

Without going into technical discussion, tracks today are mastered so loud that it is destroying how we listen to music. Dynamics are being crushed and is making music sound like ‘noise’ (a constant unwavering sound). Even children comment on the headaches of listening to modern day music. OntheBorderline’s music is not mastered to these levels which is a conscious decision so the music will be a little lower on playback The solution to this is use the volume knob to turn the music up.

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We endorse the turn me up organisation

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